Hi Tim,
My wife, Connie and I, and our dog, Marchello, have been traveling on the Oregon coast in our Forest River motor home we purchased from DeMartini RV. Just wanted you to know how happy we are with it. It’s perfect for us and we love it. Thank you and your staff for taking good care of us and making the buying experience so pleasant.

- Robert S.    


We are super happy roadtrekkers! Not a moment goes by that we don't enjoy purchasing this amazing coach (although, I'm still freaked out about how much it costs!) Yet this was truly the best ever for us.

Your staff at your dealership made our experience fantastic as we were welcomed, we were valued and there just isn't enough to say how much we appreciated making our purchasing experience fun!

So far, we have traveled cross country and we are looking forwared to our adventures this summer.  We've stepped up our game as we now enjoy visiting local destinations in our Zion as we can step into our coach, sit now to relax, fix something to eat and my favorite, the outdoor shower which I use a lot after a long trail run!

Your Service Department has never disappointed us.  Tony, Sean & Staff have fixed issues, made repairs as well as helped us with warranty issues.  Tony has been very accommodating as to making it easy for us to make an appointment since we live pretty far away, yet, each time it’s been an adventure and we do look forward to our visits.

Even now, where we travel, wherever we go, our Roadtrek Zion is an item as travelers stop and talk to us, inquiring about our unique coach.  Those folks who stop and talk to us, your name is mentioned as we tell them to come see you as you are the BEST!

I never ever dreamed we would own a coach, the Roadtrek Zion was the one we wanted.  I still pinch myself, because here we are, sitting in our dream coach!

We will always continue to be loyal to you and your staff as wherever we travel, all roads go to DeMartini’s in Grass Valley as we believe you are the only go to location for RVs.

- Sue and Holli H.    
Placerville, CA

Tim and Brent DeMartini,

Having purchased 4 other motorhomes over the years, we have dealt with many dealerships and service centers. Purchasing our Newmar New Aire and getting post-delivery service from you has been the best experience we have ever had. It may seem like a cliche, but your family dealership has made us feel a part of your family. When we had issues during our first cross-country trip Tim made sure that Newmar corporate followed up to resolve our issues. Brent was a no-pressure salesman and has been very helpful in explaining some of the new features of the motorhome. In all instances, both Brent and Tim have given us extended time and listened carefully to our needs and desires. Tony in service has also been attentive and responsive to address issues we have placed before him. We highly recommend your dealership to anyone desiring good quality products and service.


- Tom and Sandra W.    
Reno, NV

Hello Nate,

I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did to help Beth and I get our dream motorhome. We appreciate your patience with us and being so honest and upfront throughout the process. You made the buying experience very enjoyable from ordering to final walk through. And the surprise birthday cake for Beth was just pure class and shows the personal touch you bring to the experience.

We absolutely love our motorhome, and it was totally worth the wait. The coach drove like a dream on the way home with power to spare, no issues going over the mountain passes. Beth had to keep reminding me to keep it under 80 :)

We will definitely keep in touch, and refer anyone to you and DeMartini RV.

Thank you again

- Marco and Beth B.    

Had to drop a note about our visit to DeMartini. We drove 3 hours to visit your dealership and were pleasantly surprised. The facility was beautiful and the people we met were pleasant. Our escort was Dave he is a real gentleman. No pressure and he knew his inventory. We were not able to find what we were looking for but enjoyed visiting. We have visited at least 10 other dealerships and overall by far you are the most professional.

- Jesse R.    


Just to refresh your memory....several months back I contacted you regarding a Jayco Greyhawk that I was interested in. We chatted about it and you made me an offer that I just could not pass up. I had spent months (actually years) looking for the perfect RV for my wife and I

I had followed internet leads and talked with dozens of sales people (or emailed) and while we came close a few times, it just never quite worked out or felt just right.

After speaking with you, I had a totally different feeling about your operation and felt that I had finally found someone who was saying alot more than just what I wanted to hear. Your genuine approach to dealing with prospective buyers and a no pressure, no fluff approach made me feel confident that I could finally commit.

My wife and I made the trip over to Grass Valley from Gardnerville, NV, and met with Rodney. Again, I felt that I was dealing with someone who was more than just a saleperson looking for a sale. He was very straightforward and knowledgeable. Being first timers, he was very patient and answered every question we managed to fire at him.

We made the decision and worked up the numbers, based on your offer. Rodney got us into some great financing and we got all of the paperwork done without a hitch.

When we came back over to pick up the rig, we had our walk through, a bit more hasty than we would have liked, but Julia filmed the process on her phone, and that came in handy that night, as we camped out on your site, and worked through the first night camping experience. We actually really did well and fully enjoyed our very first night in our RV.

Fast forward...we have had several campouts in the last couple of months. We made a trip up to Portland to visit Julia’s brother and did exceptionally well....the rig is a dream to drive, we got 9 MPG...which I am very happy with....and used every appliance we could and just emersed ourselves into the RV lifestyle.

I had exchanged emails with Tony, who was incredible. No question was too trivial or lame. He was very responsive and always got back to me in short order with very straightforward and concise answers.

He told me that he wanted me to bring the rig back in within 90 days to ensure that any and all issues would be resolved within the 90 day warranty period.


> We came up with several items and made our appt with Tony. We brought our rig in 1 1/2 weeks ago and met with Dave Wood to go over our punch list. While some of the items were clearly those that required attention, Dave took through a walk through to look at each item.  His knowledge, experience and really great customer care allowed us to look at some of these “issues” and resolve them during the walk through. While I felt that an initial briefing of all the bells and whistles would have resolved some of this stuff, I feel that it is a better results when a new buyer has time to work through some of this stuff on his own....this results in a better understanding and long term appreciation for all the operational aspects of the rig.

We came back this morning to pick up the rig. Dave took us through the rig to show us had been done by your tech, John. He clearly is quite a talented and knowledgeable person to have on board. We are so thankful for his committment and expertise and wish to express our sincere thanks for all that he did to address and resolve each and every issue.

Prior to our departure, I had an opportunity to meet your son and express my thanks. My experience with Dimartini RV from start to this point in our RV ownership experience has been totally positive, encouraging, and honest.

As your son pointed out, Demartini RV is not just a business. It is made up of people who are more like an extended family. Many have been with your dealership for many years and their sense of ownership is clearly evident.

So, I could go on and on, but I think you have an idea of our level of appreciation and gratitude for all that you and your wonderful folks have done for us to make this, our first RV experience, something that we will never forget and will share with our RV friends.

We wish you continued success and will continue to share this experience with anyone we can. While we are 130+ miles from your doorstep, that will not keep us from coming back for our future needs. I have already spoken with Tony regarding our outfitting our Jeep with a tow package.

Have a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing in the future.

David Granish and Julia Lovitt Cameron

- David and Julia    
Gardnerville, NV

We've purchased our last two motorhomes from DeMartini RV Sales.  While vacationing on the east coast in our 2016 Newmar Mountain Aire we had an accident that destroyed two of the lower compartment doors and a large lower panel.  After arriving home to Grass Valley, we learned that DeMartini RV had an excellent RV body repair facility.  We chose DeMartini to do the repair work based on their fantastic reputation.  They took pictures of the damaged items, and were able to represent us with our insurance company.  They then ordered the correct parts with Newmar for the repair.  DeMartini RV repaired all support brackets and undercarriage issues, installed both storage doors, panel, and a TV with a new sound bar.  They then did body work and paint.  The color matching was excellent for all four color graphics on our Newmar.  We would definitely recommend DeMartini RV to anyone that is in need of RV repair.  They are the best!

Steve and Kathy C.

- Steve and Kathy C.    
Grass Valley, CA

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