After all the fantastic service we get from DeMartini's, we could not buy from anywhere else in California!

- Becky N.    

We purchased a new class A motorhome in September from DeMartini's.  We had read books, went to most of the dealerships in Northern California to educate ourselves on this big purchase.  During that time we experienced a two month nightmare with a large company who sold at Cal Expo RV shows! Real slicksters!  
 A friend told us about DeMartini's in Grass Valley. We made several trips up there spending lots of time going through the used and new inventory.  We were never accosted by sales staff, we were told that if we had questions they would answer them, just enjoy looking.  Those visits enabled us to make a decision to purchase a motorhome that fit our needs and budget.
We have taken it back for service being extremely pleased with the service department staff and management.
It is truly refreshing to work with a quality organization like DeMartini for such a big purchase.
Auburn, Calif.

- Pamela D.    
Auburn, CA

Dear Mr. DeMartini:

This is just a note to let you know how pleased we are with our most recent service appointment.  We had a tow package installed and several other smaller issues addressed on our coach.  Robbin made sure all the parts were ordered; and Kevin oversaw the work tomake sure all was ready on pick-up day.

We would also like to thank Steve who installed the tow package.  He spent a great deal of time teaching us about the tow package, and was very patient with us in terms of answering questions and helping us learn the operation of the system.  He even took me on a "training" session instructing me about how to drive the coach with the added vehicle being towed.  

His installation was done professionally, his lessons on hooking up the towing system, and his driving lessons were greatly appreciated and welcomed.  He was indeed a professional  and our confidence in his abilities rates him at the highest level.

I thought you would like know about the good things your staff/employees are doing.

- Suzan & Ernie H.    
Vacaville, CA

To Jon, Jay, and the Entire Staff at DeMartini RV Sales,

This note of thanks is sent to tell you that you made our RV buying experience comfortable and less stressful than we originally imagined.  We really didn't know what to expect, but we're very happy with the selection of the 07 Dynasty.  Reflecting on the time from when we first called to the servicing of our television and satellite system, we truly appreciatd your follow-up phone calls, helping us with the selection, and ultimately the customer service experience.  Hoepfully, we can now get out there and do some safe and enjoyable RVing!  Your sense of humor was good too! 

- John and Jean D.    
Brentwood, CA

We have been using the grass valley shop for all of our repairs for the past two years.  We could not be more satisfied.  They have been able to fix things on our Monaco Diplomat that the manufacturer couldn't.  We even had problems on the road and took to a mobile mechanic and he said that we needed a new condenser for our Dash a/c. DeMartini, Dayne, put an a/c check machine on it and found that the a/c just needed recharged.  Thank you Dayne!  We don't ever like to have service of course but if we do we only take it to DeMartini!

- Ann G.    

We went to DeMartinis with our fleet wood rv to get a bigger one that was longer with more slides with possible. We had a pre-approved loan, but it had high interest! We had to declare bankruptcy in 2007 because the economy was crashing and my husband and I both lost our jobs and our home. It's been a long hard road working to get credit back. We had bought another home in Michigan, but decided to sell and become full timers. We went to DeMartinis and they set us up in their little campi g area with electric, water and dump. Jon thought he might be able to help us get a better loan. The one we had was 12% interest for 80 grand, and he got us one for 120 grand at 8% percent interest. We were so happy and ended up getting an rv that we only dreamed of having. We have a beautiful home all from the hard work at DeMartinis. They did a fabulous inspection and cleaned for us. It looked like brand new!! We were there for over a week, and they were so kind and helpful the entire time!! I highly recommend DeMartinis rv. In fact, the only reason we found out about them was from a couple we meet at an rv park that had been searching for an rv and ended up there. They couldn't say enough good things about this place. So we decided to check it out and we are so grateful we did!!!!

- Katheryne C.    
Scotts Valley, CA

We purchased a new Thor Tuscany from DeMartini. Made the deal, including the trade via email and long distance phone calls.

As anyone would be, we were apprehensive doing business long distance, sight unseen with a trade in.  We were treated fair, received a great deal on the new coach.   Upon arrival after driving 10 hours, our new rig was up front, prepped, tanks full and ready for inspection.  There were NO surprises.  Everything went per plan.

This dealership was so much nicer to deal with than any of our local dealerships (Utah) I would recommend DeMartini to anyone looking for an RV.  If I am ever in the market again, I will return.

The staff even helped us find a local restaurant that allowed our dog to dine with us on the patio.  We needed some lug nut covers, as some where dented at the factory.  They ordered them in and promptly sent them on to us.

- Kim M.    

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