Robbin, Jon, I'm really happy and need to express my gratitude for how seamless and flawless things went over the past week and especially with everything coming together yesterday. You even gave me a nice place to work for a couple hours in the middle of everything. Richard was really thorough getting the motorhome ready and his walk through was great. I don't remember the gentleman's name who taught me how to use the tow hook up.  He too was thorough and taught me what I needed.  It all hooked up with ease and the drive home, even in the storm, was effortless.

Thanks again and I know I will be back in a couple months with a few fine tuning things. Have a nice Holiday with your family, friends and team.



- Mark Littlewood    

You guys are great and keep your promises!! Thanks again!!

- Stephanie H.    

I purchased a Thor Tuscany 40FX from Camping World in Denver about 7 months ago.  The kitchen slide was not working when I purchased the coach.  They were waiting for parts.  I finally took possession and moved to Lincoln, CA about 30 days later.  When I left Denver the slide was not working.  I couldn't find anyone who knew how to fix the slide and I spent several months traveling without the slide working.   Then I met Kevin Parker at DeMartini RV.  This is the first time I have ever written a review on Yelp.  I'm just not a writer but I found the service and attitude so exemplary that I just had to say something.  They found out my slide problem was a bent frame.  I believe the frame was bent before I purchased this coach.  Kevin worked with my warranty company, got approval, fixed several other issues on my coach and made the entire process stress-free.  I have been a full-timer since 1982 and I understand that there are problems with all RVs.  They are not perfect and I've often said if you are not a fixer, an RV will break you.  This is my 8th coach and I have finally found a dealer that I can trust.   I will only deal with DeMartini in the future

- Yelp Review    
Lincoln, CA

As full-timers for the past nine years, we've had our Monaco diesel pusher serviced in Florida, Michigan, Indiana, Texas, Arizona and California.  No one treats us better than Kevin Parker and the service team at DeMartini in Grass Valley.  They start with a written estimate of the costs, keep us informed on the progress of repairs and let us talk directly to the technicians who are doing the work. Their rates are competitive and they are very fair when adding up the final bill. They can get busy at times, so be sure to book your appointments well in advance.

- Jim and Judy M.    
Green Cove Springs, FL

We wish to thank and commend Kevin and Jason in the Service Department for their courteous and technical expertise in solving our electrical and other problems encountered on our recently purchased Class C “ICON”

Their technical skills, professional approach to problem solving and devotion to serving your customers is evidence of an efficient and superior organization created by you and your family that compliments the entire community.

Please be assured that we will communicate our praise and satisfaction to all our RV friends and potential customers.

- Connie and Bob P.    

Love our new to us coach. Nate, thanks for working with us to get a payment we could afford. Dayne, thanks for the thorough walk through and answering all our questions. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Thanks.

- Wanda B.    

Visited DeMartini RV for the first time ever on 2/22/14 just to "look things over" as I have purchased several RV's in the past form other dealers and had miserable experiences. I had to hire an attorney to collect from one VERY LARGE Southern California dealer on broken reimbursement promise for repairs they said they would do but never did.

We drove four hours on Saturday morning just to get to the dealership. When we arrived at DiMartini we were personally greeted by the owner, Tim Dimarini. Right out of the gate we told Tim were we not there to buy an RV but came to look at his operation. With that said, Tim took the time to spend four hours walking around with us! He went out of the way to show us around his entire operation before we even looked at any coaches! We wanted to visit the dealership because we saw many RV's listed on their website and the pictures all looked "too good to be true!" The RV's on the website were all clean, neat and well displayed. We felt we had to go see this to believe it. When we did start waking though the used RV's we found everyone they had open for sale was in immaculately clean condition. It appeared they had already replaced sofa's were necessary, replaced old TV's with new TV's, put up new curtains, washed the exterior and waxed the floors! I must say we were pleasantly shocked after visiting other dealers around the state looking at used Class A Diesel pushers. Most seem to wait until you make an offer to buy before they start the process of repairs. It appears DiMartini does the known repairs and cosmetic work BEFORE they advertise a coach for sale.

We then looked at the new Thor Units and were impressed by his presentation of the units. They had just received a delivered factory coach that day and we walked in with Tim and he pointed out the defects he noticed on this new coach that he had also seen for the first time to us. Tim told us this is an issue will all coaches since they are all driven from the factory to the dealership and "stuff happens" in transit. He pointed out that he works with Thor to address these issues before he opens the coach up for sale but if a buyer came in that day, the buyer, like we did, would see them and they would not be hidden from them.

As I have found with any purchase, the  buyer needs to (1) know what they are buying, (2) be diligent enough to be able to do a self inspection, (3) spend a night in the coach at the dealership (Tim has three full hook ups for this activity) to test all the gizmos and(4)  be prepared to work with a dealer and the manufacturer to address the issues in a timely fashion.  

I personally would not take delivery of a coach, new or used, until the items have all been addressed. I have done it the other way, with BIG NAME dealers and have suffered the consequences. buying an RV is like buying a home. You have to do your  homework! If you don't know how to inspect a coach, hire someone or bring some who does!

Lastly, the actual physical location is one of the most well built, open, clean, safe and eye pleasing dealerships I have ever been in. You will enjoy your shopping experience even if you do not buy an RV from DiMartini! We came looking for used, was shown new and used, and Tim pointed out the pluses and minuses he felt of each decision and never tried to steer us in one direction over the other. We left without buying a coach but they will be at the top of the list when we finally make up our mind what we want.

- Leon S.    
Fresno, CA

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