Congratulations to Mel & Pat on their 5th purchase from us! We hope you have as much fun in this one as you have all the others. Thanks again, we appreciate your business and friendship over the years!

- Mel and Pat    
Grass Valley, CA

We are long-time RV owners and want to take this opportunity to let the world know how much we appreciate our dealings with Jay Griffin at Demartini RV in Grass Valley, CA.  He is one of the most honest, up front individuals in the RV sales world.  They have a phenomenal inventory of new and used RV's.  We were in the market for an upgrade to our current RV but not interested in going into a new unit.  Jay was more than willing to work with us, ascertaining our camping needs and lifestyle and then pointing us in the direction of the appropriate unit for us.  We will always be grateful to Jay and the staff for assisting us in this endeavor.

- Kathy S. - Yelp Review    
West Sacramento, CA

We found out about DeMartini through the iRV2.com forums and wanted to see if our experience matched the positive experience of others. So far, so good....it's great. Not perfect, but nitpicky items wouldn't add to even 1/2 a star taken off. One thing is the service department in constant demand. This month (January) shows 15-20 being worked on simultaneously, license plates from all over.

Forum users were saying they travel from outside the area to get service at DeMartini, and that purchase prices compare with the large discount companies in Texas. We found both to be true.

For two years, we've been eyeing Class A Thor Outlaws and knew that DeMartini carried them, usually 1 or 2 in the lot at a time. Since we're fortunate that we live in the same area, we'd go up on weekends just to look at them, they're fairly rare. Most times, the salespeople didn't know we were there.

At one point, we were told they had a new Class C Outlaw (new in 2014), but we weren't interested in something that small, so we dismissed it. Eventually, though, we entertained the idea and that's what we ended up buying.

Nate was outstanding. Laid back, no pressure, calm, attentive, thorough, patient. We'd never had a new car sales experience like this before, it was more like a smooth real estate purchase....if there is such a thing. He told us he's been there 16 years, which says a lot. Then he said so-and-so in Parts has been there 12 years, others in Service 10 years, etc. So that increased our trust in the company, the longevity says something about the employer, and their experience.

We'll be adding to our reviews here because we can see this is going to be a journey, and we look forward to working with DeMartini for service (the Outlaw is known to have a number of warranty issues). Stay tuned.

In the meantime, we HIGHLY recommend them.

- Steve B. - Yelp Review    
Grass Valley, CA

The Johnsons with their brand new 2015 Tuscany 36MQ, their fourth motorhome purchased from DeMartini RV Sales.


- The Johnsons    
Washington State

Robbin, Jon, I'm really happy and need to express my gratitude for how seamless and flawless things went over the past week and especially with everything coming together yesterday. You even gave me a nice place to work for a couple hours in the middle of everything. Richard was really thorough getting the motorhome ready and his walk through was great. I don't remember the gentleman's name who taught me how to use the tow hook up.  He too was thorough and taught me what I needed.  It all hooked up with ease and the drive home, even in the storm, was effortless.

Thanks again and I know I will be back in a couple months with a few fine tuning things. Have a nice Holiday with your family, friends and team.



- Mark Littlewood    

You guys are great and keep your promises!! Thanks again!!

- Stephanie H.    

I purchased a Thor Tuscany 40FX from Camping World in Denver about 7 months ago.  The kitchen slide was not working when I purchased the coach.  They were waiting for parts.  I finally took possession and moved to Lincoln, CA about 30 days later.  When I left Denver the slide was not working.  I couldn't find anyone who knew how to fix the slide and I spent several months traveling without the slide working.   Then I met Kevin Parker at DeMartini RV.  This is the first time I have ever written a review on Yelp.  I'm just not a writer but I found the service and attitude so exemplary that I just had to say something.  They found out my slide problem was a bent frame.  I believe the frame was bent before I purchased this coach.  Kevin worked with my warranty company, got approval, fixed several other issues on my coach and made the entire process stress-free.  I have been a full-timer since 1982 and I understand that there are problems with all RVs.  They are not perfect and I've often said if you are not a fixer, an RV will break you.  This is my 8th coach and I have finally found a dealer that I can trust.   I will only deal with DeMartini in the future

- Yelp Review    
Lincoln, CA

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